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Job Description:

To conduct continuous process improvement methodologies in General / Retail Banking. The objective of this position is to find out Gaps in existing processes, develop Business Requirement Specification Documents, conduct walk through and document them.

Job Responsibilities:

ob Description:


–          Execute Software Engineering assignments in the project

–          Develop efficient and quality code on schedule

–          Perform tasks within agile software development lifecycle

–          Participate in technical review, formal presentation and accurate documentation

General Skills: 

–          Understanding of agile development methodology

–          Good understanding of database design and SQL

–          Expertise of banking applications domains

–          Excellent communications and problem solving skills

Technical Skills: 

–          Technology: Java, JMS, XML and Oracle / DB2

–          OS: Windows, Linux, UNIX

–          APIs: J2EE , EJB , EJB3,  JDBC,  Servlets, Web Services, SOAP, JTA /  JMS / JSF /, SOAP / AXIS / JAXB / SAML / Seam / JNDI / RMI / JUnit / NGUnit, /Hibernate

–          Server Software: Apache  and  JBoss 4/ Tomcat,

–          Development Tools: J-builder/ Eclipse / IBM RAD

Education & Experience:

–           Bachelor’s in computer science or equivalent from one of the leading Universities

–          3 or 3+ years of applying J2EE  Software engineering skills in development of complex applications

–          Relational database experience DB2/MS SQL

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