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The Ultimate Place To Live For Students? A Nursing Home! full review online.You can share and download this on dailymotion vimeo and other video sharing sites.The Ultimate Place To Live For Students? A Nursing Home!.

Most students live in student dorms and have friends, study mates and other like-minded young people as roommates. The Dutch Onno however has found himself roommates from another age group: he lives in a retirement home.

Together with four other students, he’s renting a room amongst people that could be his grandparents. Well, he’s not actually paying rent since he’s living in his room for free. He is however expected to help out in the home. Every month he spends about 30 hours ‘working’. Hosting dinners or organizing activities for the inhabitants of the retirement home for instance. Basically, the situation of students living there is basically a win-win situation: the students have a cheap place to live and the seniors get help and company from their young neighbors.

Turns out: combining college life (and everything that comes along with it) and living with the elderly is totally possible! And coming home after a night out is never boring, because usually some of Onno’s neighbours have already started their day and want to know all about his party stories!

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